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@3dc9604b4d504194b84c98d23e38e835 Anonymous 2021-07-30 08:54:06
@ff4ab@ff4ab5d5bd8f4feb9c3ef2f6a695d6e8 Политику обсуждают там: https://4chan.org.
@1bd01b2f746b42a9a310b6c85e4bd651 Anonymous 2021-07-31 14:54:41
>I2P does not have stream isolation support which means that visits to Eepsites are linkable and fingerprintable -- each request includes the same X-I2P-Dest* headers, which are unique to each user. This might be true for outproxy requests as well.
>If you access site1.i2p followed by site2.i2p, site3.i2p and so on, each one of those operators will see the exact same X-I2P-Dest* values. This means if they are colluding, they will know that the same person accessed all of them.
пиздос какая хуйня
@baa4263d196b481fbb84dab96fb8aea6 Anonymous 2021-07-31 16:18:28
@1bd01@1bd01b2f746b42a9a310b6c85e4bd651 Этот I2P - вообще какая-то хуйня, не знаю, зачем он нужен.